October 16-20 2023 | Hybrid | Sydney, Australia



We greatly appreciate the support from the following organizations.

Sponsors Videos

Monash FIT – MADE-Axis: a Modular, Actuated Device to Embody a Data Dimension

Monash FIT – RoboHapalytics: A Robot Assisted Haptic Controller for Immersive Analytics

Monash FIT – Tangible Globes for Data Visualisation in Augmented Reality

UNSW – School of Computer Science and Engineering

UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering Extended Trailer

CSIRO’s Data61 – Sigma8: Embodied AI Co-Pilot for Accelerating Scientific Discovery

CSIRO’s Data61 We are creating Australia’s data-driven future

CSIRO’s Data61 The CSIRO Experience

Qualcomm – Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2

Qualcomm Facial avatars for XR

Autodesk  The Autodesk 2023 Showreel

UNSW AI Institute – Introduction Short Version with Captions

UNSW AI Institute Introduction Full Version with Captions

UniSA – The Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments (IVE)

UniSA Empathic Computing Lab

Niantic – Virtual Product Session | Lightship 3.0 & Shared AR

Niantic Learn Lightship Ep 1 Reshare | Getting Started With Niantic ARDK 3.0