October 16-20 2023 | Hybrid | Sydney, Australia



The ISMAR 2023 Doctoral Consortium (DC) provides a great opportunity for doctoral students to present and receive feedback about their research in an interdisciplinary workshop, under the guidance of a panel of mentors selected from experienced people in the field. We invite students who feel they would benefit from this kind of feedback on their research to use this unique opportunity to share their work with students in a similar situation as well as senior researchers in the field.

The consortium will comprise presentations by students, whose applications have been selected by the Doctoral Consortium chairs and other reviewers. The strongest candidates will be those who have a clear topic and research approach, and have made some progress, but who are not so far along in their research that they can no longer make changes. The final version of accepted DC proposals can be included in the conference proceedings published in the IEEE digital library on request.

Important Deadlines

    • Submission deadline: July 10th, 2023
    • Notification: August 7th, 2023


The objectives of the Doctoral Consortium are to:

    • Serve as a supportive setting to provide/receive feedback on students’ current doctoral and master’s research as well as guidance on future research directions.
    • Offer each student comments and fresh perspectives on their work from researchers and students outside of their own institution.
    • Promote the development of a supportive community of scholars with affinity to IEEE ISMAR, and a spirit of collaborative research.
    • Contribute to the conference goals through interaction with other researchers and conference events


The DC will provide an icebreaker event, presentations slots for all accepted contributions, as well as time for discussion and a space for continuing discussions between participants including mentors after the presentations. While organizing the conference in hybrid mode the Doctoral Consortium will provide an in-person and an online option for presentations and discussions.

Submission Instructions

Submissions should be between 2 pages and 4 pages in length, including references. The content should include an overview of your planned thesis work. You may additionally also focus on a more specific area of the research if desired. Ideal candidates will be in the early or mid-stages of their PhD, and should have a solid idea of their direction and topic, but should also have room for improvement.

Submissions will have the option of being archived in the IEEE Xplore digital library (in the adjunct conference proceedings). The selection is based both on the review of the submission and the feedback on the presentation.

Submission Details

DC submissions must follow the “Conference Proceedings” format for which templates are available from IEEE VGTC.

All materials must be submitted electronically to the Precisionconference System (PCS) here.

Doctoral Consortium Chairs