October 16-20 2023 | Hybrid | Sydney, Australia


OCTOPUS: Open-vocabulary Content Tracking and Object Placement Using Semantic Understanding in Mixed Reality,

Luke Charles Yoffe, Aditya Sharma, Tobias Höllerer 

Study of Natural Language Dialog System for Avatar Communication  in Metaverse

Junji Sone

Swipe-it!: One-handed Thumb-tip Interaction for Text Editing in AR

Nicha Vanichvoranun, Jina Kim, Hyuckjin Jang, Sang Ho Yoon

Influence of Cross-Modal Correspondence between Auditory and Visual Stimuli on Vection Perception in Virtual Reality

Jinwook Kim, Jihyeon Lee, Yee Joon Kim, Jeongmi Lee

A Modular Approach for 3D Reconstruction with Point Cloud Overlay

Hannah Schieber, Fritz  Schmid, Mubashir Ul Hassan, Stefanie Zollmann, Daniel Roth

Towards Eco-Embodiment: Virtual Reality for Building Climate Change Awareness within Education for Sustainable Development

Julian Kreimeier, Luisa Theelke, Jonathan Denzler, Florian Enders , Samarth Kumar, Daniel Roth

Adaptive Volumetric Anatomy Visualization with Tangible Control

Constantin Kleinbeck, Max Smietana, Noah Lewis, Timo Teufel, Julian Kreimeier , Christoph Heinzl, Jürgen Steiner, Christoph Anthes, Daniel Roth

Expanding Targets in Virtual Reality Environments: A Fitts’ Law Study  

Rongkai Shi, Yushi Wei, Yue Li, Lingyun Yu, Hai-Ning Liang

Realistic Fusion of Virtual Materials and Hands for AR through Intrinsic Decomposition

Hao Sha, Yuhui Wu, Yu Liu,Yue Liu

Deep Detector and Optical Flow-based Tracking Approach of Facial Markers for Animation Capture

Zeyu  Tian , Dongdong  Weng , Hui  Fang , Yihua Bao

Augmented Reality Annotations in a Collaborative Time-Critical Task

Jamie R Gower , Bruce H Thomas , Joanne  Zucco , James Baumeister 

Effect of Degrees of Freedom on the Quality of Use of Virtual Theatre Experiences

Frank Dittrich , Selina Palige, Angelika C.  Bullinger, Anne Zeiler, Martin  Krabbe

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SwiftDepth: An Efficient Hybrid CNN-Transformer Model for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices

Albert Luginov , Ilya  Makarov

A Virtual Reality System for Gender Swapping to Increase Empathy against Stereotype Threats in Computer Science Job Interviews

Zahra  Borhani , Francisco Raul Ortega  

Feasibility Study of Using Augmented Mirrors for Alignment Task during Orthopaedic Procedures in Mixed Reality

Xiaorui  Zhang , Andreas  Keller , Mehran  Armand , Alejandro Martin-Gomez 

Project Corvus: A Virtual Reality Horror Tool for Improving Self-Efficacy

Heyongyan  He , Christopher Changmok Kim , Yun Suen  Pai , Kouta Minamizawa 

Subjective Evaluation on the Sense of “”Being There”” using Augmented reality Room Acoustic Estimator (ARAE) Platform

Rai  Sato , Sungyoung  Kim  

ThumbJoy: Using the Thumb’s Metacarpophalangeal Joint as a Joystick Input Device

Kyungeun  Jung , Kun Woo  Song , SEUNGMIN  LEE  

Virtual Journalist: Measuring and Inducing Cultural Empathy by Visualizing Empathic Perspectives in VR

Ana  Alipass Fernandez , Christopher Changmok Kim , Tamil Selvan  Gunasekaran , Yun Suen Pai , Kouta  Minamizawa     

Exploring Factors of VR-based Wheelchair Simulation for Reducing Implicit Bias

Hyuckjin  Jang , Jeongmi  Lee  

Cardiac Visualisation Along the RV-Continuum – A High-Fidelity Pilot Study

David  Aigner , Nanjia  Wang , David  Kielmayer , Jürgen Steiner , Julian  Hochpöchler , Christoph  Heinzl , Daniel  Roth , Frank Maurer , Christoph  Anthes

Are You Aroused Enough to See the Difference? The Role of Physiological Arousal in Perceiving Realism of Virtual Scene 

Natalia  Lipp , Paweł Strojny , Agnieszka  Strojny , Sławomir Śpiewak , Jan K Argasiński , Przemysław Korzeniowski 

Cloud-Based Face Recognition for Augmented Reality Glasses

David Akas Bedjo Rahardjo , Homer  Chen  

VIDES: Virtual Interior Design via Natural Language and Visual Guidance

Lê Minh Hiển , Chi-Bien  Chu , Khanh-Duy  Le , Tam Nguyen , Minh-Triet  Tran , Trung-Nghia  Le 

DM-VTON: Distilled Mobile Real-time Virtual Try-On

Khoi-Nguyen  Nguyen-Ngoc , Thanh-Tung  Phan-Nguyen , Khanh-Duy  Le , Tam Nguyen , Minh-Triet  Tran , Trung-Nghia  Le 

Making Avatar Gaze Accessible for Blind and Low Vision People in Virtual Reality: Preliminary Insights

Jazmin  Collins , Crescentia  Jung , Shiri  Azenkot  

MRLabeling: Create RGB-D Datasets On-The-Fly using Mixed Reality

Richard  Nguyen , Rani  Baghezza , Benjamin  Georges , Charles Gouin-Vallerand , Kevin  Bouchard , MARYAM  AMIRI 

The Acceptability of a Multisensory VR Game for Older Adults

Xiaoxuan  Li , Xiangshi  Ren , Xin  Suzuki , Naoaki Yamaji , Kin Wa  Fung , Yasuyuki  Gondo 

Multimodal Physiological Analysis of Cognition and the Correlations with Emotion in VR

Yang  Shen , Ming  Li , Yu  Li , Yang Gao , Junjun  Pan     

Folding Rays: a Bimanual Occluded Target Interaction Technique

DongHoon  Kim , Preston  Bruner , Isaac  Cho  

Into the Portraits: Face Swapping System for Art Gallery Visitors

Juwon  Lee , Jung-Jae  Yu , Seong Jae  Yoo , Wonyoung Yoo

Sense of Convergence: Exploring the Artistic Potential of Cross-modal Sensory Transfer in Virtual Reality

Eugene  Hwang , Joonhyung  Bae , Wonil  Kim , Juhan Nam , Jeongmi  Lee

Displacement Projection Mapping: a Projection Method to Add Geometric Features beyond the Boundary of the Real Object

Arisa  Kohtani , Keishiro  Uragaki , Shio  Miyafuji , Hideki Koike

MOSion : Situation-Dependent Mosaicing System using High-Speed Projection

Arisa  Kohtani , Hidetaka  Katsuyama , Shio  Miyafuji , Hideki Koike

GoGoHand+: Designing Haptic Feedback to Enhance the GoGoHand Interaction Technique 

Nicha  Vanichvoranun , Kyungjin  Seo , Yeonsu  Kim , Jinwook Kim , Haemin  Kim , Kyungeun  Jung , Sang Ho  Yoon 

Comparison of Virtual Reality Teleportation Targeting Method Performance depending on the Teleport Distance

Jihyeon  Lee , Jinwook  Kim , Jeongmi  Lee

Model-aware 3D Eye Gaze from Weak and Few-shot Supervisions

Nikola  Popovic , Dimitrios  Christodoulou , Danda Pani  Paudel , Xi Wang , Luc  Van Gool

Networking AI-Driven Virtual Musicians in Extended Reality

Torin  Hopkins , Rishi  Vanukuru , Che Chuan  Weng , Chad Tobin , Amy  Banic , Mark D Gross , Ellen Yi-Luen  Do 

First on Scene: Practitioner Considerations for Using Augmented and Virtual Reality for Recognizing and Treating Anaphylaxis

Katelynn A Kapalo , Jon  Misewicz , Joseph  Bonnell 

Holistic Quantified-Self: An Integrated User Model for AR Glass Users

Eunhwa Song, Taewook Ha, Junhyeok Park, Hyunjin Lee, Woontack Woo           

Gino .Aiki: Mixed Reality-based Physical Motor Skill Training in Aikido

Yuto Suzuki, Daisuke Sakamoto, Tetsuo Ono                                      

Manifest: Public Speaking Training Using Virtual Reality

Haania Siddiqui, Hafsa Irfan, Aliza Lakhani, Batool Ahmed, Sadaf Shaikh, Muhammad Mobeen Movania, Muhammad Farhan                            

Fiducial markers detection trained exclusively on synthetic data for image-to-patient alignment in HMD-based surgical navigation

Mohamed Benmahdjoub, Abdullah Thabit, Wiro J. Niessen, Eppo B. Wolvius, Theo van Walsum                                  

A Lightweight Haptic Feedback Glove Employing Normal Indentation, Lateral Skin Stretch and both Softness and Hardness Rendering

Michael Roumeliotis, Katerina Mania                                           

Focus on the Motion: Designing Adaptive Subtitles for Online Fitness Videos to Support Ubiquitous Exercises

Lutong Wang, Wei Gai, Hongqiu Luan, Lutong Wang                                     

Enhancing VR Training: Impact of Information Transfer Methods

Maximilian Rettinger, Michael Hug, Hassan Kamel, Yashita Saxena, Gerhard Rigoll   

Real-time Alert of Excessive Force Based on Forearm Muscle Activity for Wall Climbing

Toru Kowada, Yuki Uranishi, Chang Liu, Goshiro Yamamoto, Photchara Ratsamee

Tangible Avatar : Enhancing Presence and Embodiment During Seated Virtual Experiences with a Prop-Based Controller

Justine Saint-Aubert, Ferran Argelaguet Sanz, Anatole Lécuyer                                        

HybridAvatar: Efficient Mesh-based Human Avatar Generation from Few-Shot Monocular Images with Implicit Mesh Displacement

Tianxing Fan, Bangbang Yang, Chong Bao, Lei Wang, Guofeng Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui         

Interactive Registration Methods for Augmented Reality in Robotics: A Comparative Evaluation

Tonia Mielke, Fabian Joeres, Danny Schott, Christian Hansen                                     

A Dynamic and Scriptable Environment and Framework for Stimulus-Based Cognitive Research in Virtual Reality

Stéven Picard, Jean Botev, Sahar Niknam                                        

Stop Bad Real-time Feedback!: Estimation of the Timing of Feedback that Negatively Impacts Presenters for Presentation Training in Virtual Reality

Yuichiro Fujimoto, Zhou Hangyu, Taishi Sawabe, Masayuki Kanbara, Hirokazu Kato

EyeTTS: Evaluating and Calibrating Eye Tracking for Mixed-Reality Locomotion

Satyam Awasthi, Vivian Ross, Michael Beyeler, Tobias Höllerer                                     

Beyond the Wizard of Oz: Using Imperfect Machine Learning to Examine the Impact of Reliability of Augmented Reality Cues on Visual Search Performance

Aditya Raikwar, Domenick Mifsud, Christopher Wickens, Brendan Kelley, Amelia C. Warden, Benjamin Clegg, Francisco Ortega                            

Hands-Free Virtual Try-On using Untethered AR Glasses for Everyday Shopping Experiences

Laura Luidolt, Kai Zhou                                           

Automated Text Simplification for the Task Guidance in Augmented Reality

Guande Wu, Jing Qian, Sonia Castelo Quispe, Shaoyu Chen, João Rulff, Claudio Silva                               

Compacting Singleshot Multi-Plane Image via Scale Adjustment

Max Bergfelt, Viktor Larsson, Hideo Saito, Shohei Mori                                     

Investigating the Effects of Limited Field of View on Jamming Experience in Extended Reality

Suibi Che-Chuan Weng, Torin Hopkins, Shih-Yu Ma, Chad Tobin, Amy Banic, Ellen Yi-Luen Do                               

Realistic Volume Rendering with Environment-Synced Illumination in Mixed Reality

Haojie Cheng, Chunxiao Xu, Xujing Chen, Zhenxin Chen, Jiajun Wang, Lingxiao Zhao                               

A Novel Approach for Virtual Locomotion Gesture Classification: Self-Teaching Vision Transformer for a Carpet-Type Tactile Sensor

Sung-Ha Lee, Ho-Taek Joo, Insik Chung, Donghyeok Park, Yunho Choi, KyungJoong Kim                              

Exploring the Appearance and Voice Mismatch of Virtual Characters

Minsoo Choi, Alexandros Koilias, Matias Volonte, Dominic Kao, Christos Mousas

Validating a Virtual Reality Environment for Social and Non-social Stress Elicitation in Psychological Research

Anna Schudy, Grzegorz Pochwatko, Wieslaw Kopec, Barbara Karpowicz, Kinga Skorupska, Maciej Grzeszczuk, Łukasz Okruszek                            

Reproducing Ascending and Descending Sensations in Virtual Reality Through Crossmodal Interactions with a Slanted Handrail

Yuto Ohashi, Monica Perusquia-Hernandez, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Nobuchika Sakata     

A Multilayer Component Pane 3D Layout Frame Design for Responsive Websites

Guohui Xu, Shan Wang, Yong Hu, Xukun Shen             

SphereDRUNet: A Spherical Denoiser for Omnidirectional Images

Rita FERMANIAN, Thomas Maugey, Christine Guillemot          

3D Slicer-AR-Bridge: 3D Slicer AR Connection for Medical Image Visualization and Interaction with AR-HMD 

Haowei Li, Yuxing Yang, Yuqi Ji, Wuke Peng, Alejandro Martin-Gomez, Wenqing Yan, Long Qian, Hui Ding, Zhe Zhao, Guangzhi Wang                   

The UUXR-Framework: A Draft Classification for Using Extended Reality in Usability and User Experience Research

Danny Schott, Julia Moritz, Christian Hansen, Fabian Joeres                                     

Gaze and Head Rotation Analysis in a Triadic VR Job Interview Simulation

Saygin Artiran, Poorva Satish Bedmutha, Aaron Li, Pamela Cosman             

Modeling Gaze Behavior for Real-Time Estimation of Visual Attention and Expertise Level in Augmented Reality

Dong Woo Yoo, Hamid Tarashiyoun, Mohsen Moghaddam                                        

Towards Using Generative AI for Facilitating Image Creation in Spatial Augmented Reality

Yongquan Hu, Wen Hu, Aaron Quigley                                        

Extending the World-in-Miniature Metaphor to Access Situated Information in a Pervasive Augmented Reality Environment

Thibaut Septon, Maxime Cauz, Bruno Dumas                                        

Towards Seamless Egocentric Hand Action Recognition in Mixed Reality

Sakib Reza, Yuexi Zhang, Octavia Camps, Mohsen Moghaddam

Arradar: Arrow and Radar Driven HMD-based Visual Guidance in Limited Field-of-View

Zhuangze Hou, Qiufen Xia, Zichuan Xu, Yidi Tang                                     

MR Microsurgical Suture Training System for Neurosurgeons

Yuka Tashiro, Shio Miyafuji, Satoshi Kiyofuji, Taichi Kin, Takeo Igarashi, Hideki Koike                               

ReAR – A Peripheral Indicator for Rear-Approaching Vehicles While Cycling

Guanghan Zhao, Xiaodan Hu, Jason Orlosky, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa   

Dual Beaming Display for Extended Head Orientation and Projection Volume

Takumi Tochimoto, Yuichi Hiroi, Yuta Itoh                                        

The Benefits of Utilizing Augmented Reality as a Tool for Assessments

Kevin Ponto, Hande Deniz, Ross Tredinnick, Bilgehan Çağıltay, Rachael Shields, Bryce Sprecher, Beth Fields, Jung-hye Shin                         

Effects of Different Facial Blendshape Combinations on Social Presence for Avatar-mediated Mixed Reality Remote Communication

Seoyoung Kang, Hail Song, Boram Yoon, Kangsoo Kim, Woontack Woo

Augmented Reality for Interactive Path Planning in 3D

Malte Riechmann, Andre Kirsch, Matthias König                                      

The Invisible — Experienced: Developing and Verifying a VR Application for Understanding Air Pollution Perception and Attitudes

Grzegorz Pochwatko, Wieslaw Kopec, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski, Anna Jaskulska, Kinga Skorupska, Barbara Karpowicz, Rafał Masłyk, Steven Barnes, Maciej Grzeszczuk, Jagoda Lazarek, Justyna Swidrak, Justyna Swidrak             

Video Analysis of Behavioral Patterns During Prolonged Work in VR

Verena Biener, Forouzan Farzinnejad, Rinaldo Schuster, Seyedmasih Tabaei, Leon Lindlein, Jinghui Hu, Negar Nouri, John Dudley, Per Ola Kristensson, Jörg Müller, Jens Grubert

Utilizing a Robot to Endow Virtual Objects with Stiffness

Jiepeng Dong, Weiping He, Bocai Zheng, Yizhe Liu, Mark Billinghurst                                

Acute Stress Classification with a Stroop task and in-office biophilic Relaxation in Virtual Reality based on Behavioral and Physiological data

Alexis Souchet, Domitile Lourdeaux, Mamadou Lamanara Diallo

A Standalone Augmented Reality Tool for X-ray-like Vision: Harnessing Body Tracking and Sensor Capabilities of HoloLens 2

Marc Fischer, Austin Hale, Abdul Mukit, Nicolas Schapeler, John Blickenstaff, Robin E. Cushing, Kristin H. Joltes, Gary Zientara, Christoph Leuze